Stories of Hope

Ricky Green, Bowling Green, KY

Conquered Addiction

Ricky Green discusses his victory over addiction, giving hope and help to all who might find themselves where he used to be.

Jason Roop, Campbellsville, KY

Living in Recovery

Jason Roop talks about his life in recovery after 17 years in addiction, and shares his message of Hope and Help. "Don't give up! The next chapter is the most beautiful."

Kayla Parsons, Louisa, KY

Defeated Addiction

Kayla shares her amazing story of defeating addiction and brings Hope and Help to all those who might find themselves where she once was.

Germaine Dunn, Harrodsburg, KY

Overpowered Addiction

Germaine Dunn shares his inspiring testimony of a life in addiction, its terrible consequences, and his new life in recovery that allows him to "never look back."